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What is Retail?

Most likely, you are. You don’t have JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs on your business card, but you consider yourself an investor and you’re out in the market trying to get ahead.

Retail Investors are Main Street.

This website was created by retail investors like you, to advocate foreducate, and enrich small-cap retail investors who are in a hidden corner of the stock market.

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Sharp Investors Understand This

The stock market is rigged. It’s rigged for a small number to win, and the rest to lose. Look no further than those who were left holding the bag in 2008: not only did they take the homes away from millions of people, but they destroyed your investment portfolio, too.

Since then, nothing has changed, and to add insult to injury, high-frequency traders are jumping in front of trades you spent days or weeks researching.

Sharp investors have moved their portfolios into a hidden corner of the stock market not stained with the thieving hands of these manipulators.

If you ever want to retire, send your kid to school, or just buy a nice car, you need to learn how to profit in the small and micro-cap space now.

These tiny companies are too small and illiquid for most institutional players to touch. The market is dominated by retail investors just like you. With hard work and help from Dear Retail, you can find an edge and make your dreams come true.


Dear Retail exists to…

Give you the skills and knowledge to profit in the small-cap market

Leverage relationships in the capital markets to bring you exclusive investment opportunities

Be transparent with risks and do the due diligence to tip the odds in your favor

Are You Ready For The Next Market Move?

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