Understanding FinancingsNow

FinancingsNow is here to keep you in the loop. We provide educational content, financings information, and escrow details to make sure you have a leg-up over the other guys when it comes to making smart financial decisions and making more money.

Live Financings

On our website, you can find a stream of live financings. The companies being shown on the Live Financings section of our site are those looking for dollars and people to invest in them. FinancingsNow will only show companies seeking investments that our team of experts believes are worth your while. You won’t have to second-guess any investment decisions you make when using our Live Financings feature—we’ve got you covered.

Closed Financings

Along with Live Financings, the team at FinancingsNow will recap previous financings and the amount of cash that each of these companies raised. The Closed Financings section is used to show what companies have had success and which companies were not so lucky. All of the companies that are shown under Live Financings are pooled under Closed Financings after they are no longer live to provide recaps of wins and losses.

Escrow Releases

FinancingsNow is one of the only websites that will provide you with insight, tips, and alerts about when a public company escrow releases. This section of FinancingsNow also provides insider financings and potential acquisitions of companies that will become free-trading and how they will impact you.

What to Look For to Make Money

It’s easy to make money by using FinancingsNow. Our team provides you with everything you need to make successful purchasing decisions that will help you make money. Want to be better than the rest? Check out all of the sections on FinancingsNow—go big, or go home.

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