THIS Unique Strategy Could Change the Entire Gold Mining Industry as We Know It

Gold is back, baby… and in a big, BIG way.

Another 10% increase in gold demand to 4,021 tonnes in 2021 marked the 12th consecutive year that central banks were net purchasers of the precious metal.

With so much global uncertainty on the rise, even Russia is stockpiling gold in an effort to sanction-proof its economy.

According to billionaire investor Ray Dalio, the superpowers come from those who hold the most gold. It’s the one store of value that you really can’t replicate.

Meanwhile Americans are suffering from the highest inflation in 40 years

However, despite its traditional role as a safe-haven investment, there remains a serious issue on the horizon—an impending supply shortage of newly mined gold.

According to the World Gold Council, it takes on average between 10-20 years before a gold mine is ready to produce material that can be refined.

Typically, a series of conditions must be met, including: a high enough grade, a large enough resource, and access to infrastructure—all within a relatively condensed land mass size.

Running counter to this, we’ve identified a team of some of the greatest players in the game—elite experts in their fields of finding, acquiring, developing and producing gold.

The last time they worked together, they took a startup through to merger with what is now Kirkland Lake Gold, taking their stock from ~$0.50 to C$5.28 at the time of the merger, to what is now worth C$47* (and a market cap of $12.4 billion).

For those who got on board that train from the beginning and held on, based on a 0.475 consolidation, they would now be sitting on a value of ~C$22.33—or a return of 4,365% (or 43x).

Now, that team is back – and looking for a repeat.

This time, perhaps even faster… because they’re employing a unique business model that’s demonstrating ore delivery within just 18 MONTHS after a permit application is accepted.

That means they’re already generating EXCELLENT cashflow with the Company’s first properties, and they’ve used that cashflow to recently acquire two new massive assets to continue their successive run.

They’ve already grown the stock to C$1.28—except this time, they won’t need to merge or consolidate, as this time they’re going for the big one, and have plans to become the next major gold producer on the market, grown organically.

And it’ll all be made possible by their business model that’s blowing away expectations. That business model is called Hub & Spokeand the team proving that it works is Calibre Mining (TSX:CXB) (OTCQX:CXBMF).