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How to profit from the surging demand for “overnight” shipping

There’s a great product called Life Oral Wound Cleanser. I used it to help heal a nasty sore in my mouth several years ago (courtesy of a tooth-capping procedure my dentist performed on me). Recently I suffered another mouth sore.

That sent me back to my local CVS to buy more of that oral cleanser.

But they didn’t have any.

Neither did any of the other half dozen or so drug stores I went to.

When you can’t find a product locally that you really need, you order it through Amazon, right?

That’s what I did.

And since I’m an Amazon Prime member, which entitles members to overnight shipping, I figured I’d get it the next day.


You see, Amazon’s overnight delivery service for Prime members doesn’t apply to orders fulfilled by stores that contract with Amazon.

And of course my oral cleanser was coming from one of these stores.

Four days passed before I finally got it.

Since I was in pain, I would’ve paid triple for overnight delivery.

I’ll bet you can also recall times when you would’ve given anything to get what you ordered online right away.

You see, we Americans are an impatient lot.

We want what we want RIGHT NOW!!!

We’re hopelessly addicted to speed and convenience.

Helping satisfy those demands is what enabled Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) to grow into the $1.65 trillion behemoth it is today.

Now operations large and small are trying to improve their deliveries.

They have no choice because…Some kind of digital art thing? The latest crypto craze? A speculative frenzy? Correct.