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An insider’s take on the good, bad and investable in South Africa

It was a scene straight out of Animal Planet.

There, 30 yards away, were legions of elephants, at least 150 of them… with more lumbering in.

Their destination was a giant man-made water tank, which dozens of elephants were now congregating around, dipping their massive trunks over the tank wall for a drink.

This majestic sight was happening at Kruger National Park in South Africa, a mammoth animal preserve about the size of New Jersey.

My three days at the park were a highlight of a one-month trip to this fascinating country.

But the most interesting experience I had in South Africa was a night my friends and I spent on a secluded ranch about three hours west of Johannesburg.

Our host was the ranch owner, Dennis, a burly member of a South African chapter of the Hells Angels.

Around the glowing embers of a braai (essentially the South African version of a barbecue), Dennis kept his guests entertained with fascinating stories about his property and the surrounding area.

My friends and I weren’t the only guests enjoying his gripping stories about his encounters with Africa’s deadliest animals and insects.

There were also three women who had worked in various capacities for the South African government.