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How to Invest in Digital Learning

I was taking a leisurely drive back to California from the East Coast, primarily staying at Airbnbs along the way. My last Airbnb host, Maria, rented me a room in her Las Cruces, New Mexico home.

She’s a 60-something woman of Mexican descent.

I arrived early in the afternoon, and after I settled in she offered to make me lunch.

I accepted, and during the meal we chatted for about an hour.

That’s how I learned she’s a former schoolteacher and psychologist who invested in real estate.

Now she rents out several houses, as well as two rooms in her home to Airbnb guests.

Much of our conversation revolved around the political situation in the U.S., and the country’s great ideological divide.

She’s extremely conservative and has deep disdain for the primary school educational system in Las Cruces.

The seeds for her disdain were planted decades ago when her three children were in grade school.

At the time, New Mexico had passed a bill mandating certain teaching practices that conflicted with her conservative values.

So she pulled her kids out of school and homeschooled them.

Her kids did well as homeschoolers.

In fact, they received scholarships at area colleges and are now very successful professionals.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because homeschooling and digital learning are experiencing explosive growth.

Obviously the 2020 Covid lockdowns have played a huge role in this trend.

Many parents, forced to work from home or who were no longer able to go to work because of the lockdowns, suddenly found themselves helping their kids do schoolwork remotely.