Just Profitable – Urbanimmersive Inc. (TSX-V: UI; OTCQB: UBMRF)

What they do: Urbanimmersive Inc. is a SaaS-based platform that provides online and visual content marketing solutions for the real estate and construction industries. The Company’s platform allows users to easily create and publish visual marketing assets such as immersive 3D property tours, 2D floor plans, branded property videos, and individual property websites. Photographers and videographers can also use the platform to schedule and book jobs, manage invoicing and expenses, and process and deliver visual content to their clients.

Urbanimmersive’s core technology is a 3D emulator powered by a visual content recognition algorithm. This technology enables users to easily and cost-effectively create visually immersive and interactive 3D representations of existing and future spaces. Aside from being used for residential and commercial virtual real estate marketing, the platform’s tools can also be used for property asset management and off-site training and inspection purposes.

Business Model: Urbanimmersive earns revenue from two main business segments. The first is its SaaS-based marketing platform that helps photographers and property marketers create cost-effective virtual marketing assets. Users can access some features on the platform for free, and pay for access to advanced features. The second business segment is selling hardware: Urbanimmersive acts as a 3D photography equipment re-seller, so that its clients can create immersive visual marketing content from start to finish. Additionally, the Company also licenses its immersive technology in other market segments.

Background and growth: Urbanimmersive Inc. began operating in Canada in 2007 and went public in 2012 on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX-V). It has since expanded its operations to the US and more recently Mexico, Indonesia, and Australia, and its platform supports multiple languages. The Company has recently completed an acquisition of a photography re-seller, and launched several new proprietary technologies and products, which have allowed it to expand its business offerings and increase its customer base.

Profitability profile: Urbanimmersive recently announced a profitable Q4 2020, reporting CAD $1.4 million in sales and CAD  $182,000 in net profit. Of note, the Company also reported a net profit of $42K in its Q3 2020 financials, after reporting a small net loss in both Q1 and Q2 2020. The Company also reported a net profit in every quarter of its fiscal 2019 (see chart below). You can view the Company’s full Yearly and Quarterly financial statements by visiting its profile on SEDAR.

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