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A Letter to Our Readers: Why We Bought FinancingsNOW, and How You Can Benefit

Dear Retail is a community that was established for retail investors, by expert retail investors, as a place for us to share with you what we’ve learned over many, many years of active investing. By sharing our firsthand experiences – both good and bad – our hope is that you can learn and prosper from our successes – as well as our mistakes.

Common Share vs. Unit Offerings

Common Share vs. Unit Offerings

Both common share and unit offerings are different types of purchasing options for stocks and securities of a company. Common share offerings are the most known and frequently purchased stock …

What is an Escrow Release?

You can’t run before you learn to walk (though some of you out there may think you can do anything), and it’s almost impossible to understand what an escrow release …

What is a Subscription Agreement?

What is a Subscription Agreement?

A subscription agreement is a firm handshake between a private or public company and a private investor—no “dead fish” handshakes allowed. A subscription agreement (also known as a private placement) …