Dear Public Companies – Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Engaging the Retail Investment Community?

And here’s the checklist to begin.

Public companies, listen up.

It may be time to reconsider your digital shareholder communication efforts.

These days, digital communication is the new reality in attracting shareholders and investors. And while you may think that your website (that may or may not be up to date) and a few scattered emails here and there is enough—it’s not. You need more, much more, and it starts with getting with the times.

To keep pace with the everyday world and not be seen as a dinosaur in new age investing, you need digital marketing that gives you an edge over competitors. You know, SEO, Lead Gen, Website Content, Social Media, Email Mar…

Actually. Let’s just make it simple.

Here’s the Digital Marketing Checklist For Public Companies. Jumpstart your marketing efforts so you won’t miss out on market cap and market shares.

✓Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you have a website? Then you need SEO. It’s that simple.

If you don’t do SEO, you might as well keep your business underground where it doesn’t see the light of day—because no one will find you. Investors every day are searching the internet for the latest, big-picture industry news, trends, and announcements.

You need to be seen.

Translation: you need to be as high on Google’s results page as you possibly can. This starts with SEO. Match those precious keywords, build links, and optimize your website to get investors rolling in.

✓ Websites & Landing Pages

Check your website. Do you have long loading times? (Flash) Animation? Old-fashioned fonts and designs that can’t withstand the test of time?

(Please don’t say Comic Sans, please don’t say Comic Sans.)

It’s time for an update.

Think about it.

Investors are constantly on the go, and your website should act accordingly. A responsive website that’s polished and functional makes information easily accessible for investors and shareholders (and their smartphones and tablets).

Make sure they can effortlessly access company info, download presentations, and more. As far as landing pages, well, you can hardly find a business that doesn’t use landing pages as a lead generation machine these days.

✓ Social Media

Social Media is that overly-friendly neighbor that caught you walking to the mailbox—it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And it’s more than generic posts.

These days, it’s about engagement, compelling storytelling, and consistency. Ultimately, this happens when you know exactly which social media platforms suit your business.

Evaluate your goals and determine what platform works best for your company. When it comes to investors, LinkedIn has taken off. Join in on the industry conversation to generate awareness around your public company.

After all, you’re a thought leader in the industry—why not post about it. Put social to work for your benefit.

✓ Lead Generation

Keep prospects close, and the right investors closer.

You already know that acquiring a new investor is much more costly than retaining an existing one. That’s why you need the right communication tools. Nurture targets until they’re ready to invest with the appropriate lead generation software.

✓ Email Marketing

Investors are checking their inbox daily, even multiples times a day—is your email there?

Email automation is absolutely necessary for attracting and retaining lead gens. From boosting web traffic to increasing brand visibility and holding a high retention rate—email is your friend and has the highest ROI among all marketing channels.

✓ Webinars

You can talk about your industry all day. Why not channel all your industry conversations into a webinar?

Webinars allow you to educate investors, attract new investors, and make your company stand out against competitors. As said before, you’re an industry leader that has valuable information to lend. Present it.

✓ Engaging Content

This may seem super obvious, but you need quality content that communicates effectively to potential shareholders and investors.

Automated emails, monthly blogs, landing pages, social ads, etc.—SEO is the massive playground, and content dominates.

An estimated 75% of internet users read blog posts on a regular basis. It’s more than detailing the services you have to offer; what other insight can you provide?

Does your company have an established post-COVID digital marketing program?

You know what to do, but how are you going to do it?

While this checklist gives you everything you need to start, you may be feeling chills down your spine at the thought of having to do it all by yourself. That’s where Publiko comes in.

Everyone knows a digital marketer, but the team at Publiko are top-of-the-line industry experts. If you’re not applying the following communication efforts, it’s not too late. Reach out to the people who know how to get it done. Visit today.

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