Conditions Set For Historic Copper Bull Market:

Mining Pros Back Small Copper Company Targeting Next Major Discovery

CopperCorp (TSX.V:CPER) Launches Major Exploration And Drilling Campaign Historic Mining District

Copper prices have soared to record highs.

Surging demand from electric vehicles and global infrastructure projects have laid the foundation in place for sustained, long-term growth.

The copper ‘Renaissance’ has ignited a global race for major new copper discoveries. 

A group of legendary mining executives and financial entrepreneurs have started CopperCorp (TSXV:CPER) to capitalize on the long-term potential of copper. 

CopperCorp has staked ground in Tasmania, which has over a century of copper mining success and has mapped out an aggressive exploration and development plan. 

In this report, you will learn all about:

  • The rapidly developing copper opportunity, including how the new staggering demand for copper is driving prices to all-time highs…
  • Sweeping geo-political events, particularly in the world’s most productive countries, that could create a major supply crunch…
  • How shares in exploration companies like CopperCorp are soaring after they make new copper deposit discoveries…
  • The true story of how Tasmania has over 100 years of copper mining history could be on the verge of a great reawakening…
  • And how CopperCorp is ramping up a major drilling and exploration campaign. 

“Goldman Sachs expects copper price to break all time high in 2022.”


But first, a word about CopperCorp’s foundation.

Like all exploration mining companies, success starts with the people who found the prospective property, packaged it up, and are building CopperCorp around it. 

When it comes to CopperCorp, it would be tough to find a better mix of the right people.