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The Number One Country to Bet on Now

It was just before dawn when my train pulled into the station.
I surveyed the scene outside from the comfort of my first-class car.
It was shocking.
The railway platform was packed with ragged people sleeping under soiled blankets.


Shrinkflation is Inflation’s Ugly Little Sister – What it Means for the Retail Investor

Have you ever bought a bag of chips but once you opened it, felt like the bag wasn’t even half-full? Or perhaps you grabbed a smoothie after a workout and finished it in little more than a few sips, leaving you feeling that the price you paid was not really worth it?  This phenomenon tends to cause indignation amongst consumers, as it can leave them feeling cheated or ripped off – but as a retail investor you should also be paying attention to what it means for your portfolio. 


Another Colombian “drug war” is brewing

The other night I was sitting around channel-surfing, determined to find something fun to watch.
That’s how I stumbled onto Narcos.
As you may know, Narcos is a Netflix series that highlights notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.
He reportedly made $30 billion by trafficking cocaine to the U.S.
In the process of amassing that fortune, he turned his country into a war zone.
In fact, his crews killed so many rival drug gang members, cops, politicians, judges and innocent bystanders, Colombia became known as the murder capital of the world.
Those murders dropped off dramatically after Escobar was killed in a 1993 police shootout.
But the flood of Colombian cocaine into the U.S. continues to this day.
Rival drug cartels have seen to that.
You don’t hear much about cocaine from Colombia anymore.
But now…


Powell “Temporary” Inflation

“Inflation at these levels is, of course, a cause for concern. But that concern is tempered by a number of factors that suggest that these elevated readings are likely to prove temporary.”

That what the Fedearl Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in a speech last week to Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium which is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

The key word there is the last word – temporary.

But the speech was for 21 minutes and mentioned inflation 71 times (here is the transcript of the speech).

If it’s really “temporary,” why mention it every 18 seconds?

We weren’t buying it.

But then we realized that he may truly mean inflation is temporary.

At least temporary in the government sense of the term.

We know of many “temporary” government policies and projects.


Political Theater

All of the politicians hemming and hawing about budgets and spending…

It’s all theater.

All of it.

And it could be the foundation of a major run in one of the most out of favor asset classes.

And the next big run will be set to kick off by September 27th.


Outlook for Tin

If you follow metals and mining on Twitter, you may have stumbled upon the hashtag #tinbaron, and asked yourself what is the big deal about a metal from antiquity? 


Betting Against Opioids: Investing in Healthcare vs Big Pharma

I’ve got a 91-year-old father who means the world to me.
And I’ve devoted this summer to spending some quality time with him. So I sublet my apartment in California and rented an Airbnb in the town of Bainbridge, Ohio, a few miles from where my dad lives.
I figured we’d spend the summer going on walks together… play a little golf… maybe even take a few mini-road trips.
None of that’s happened.
The reason?
Dad’s suffering from severe low back pain – everything he does hurts.
Now he can’t even leave the house without a walker.
Doctors haven’t been able to do much for him, other than prescribe painkillers and cortisone injections.
All that’s helped a little, but he’s still miserable.


The Fly in the Ointment of the EV revolution

I said it in my last article, and I’ll say it again…
Diesel-powered vehicles are on their last legs.
Governments are seeing to that.
As of the beginning of 2021, 31 cities, states and countries worldwide have diesel bans in place.
More are sure to follow.
The main reason – excessive NOx emissions from diesels are polluting our air, making people sick and causing deaths.


A Sleepy Profit Play On The Death of Diesel

His name was Phil Baker.
For 18 years, he worked as an engineer for Norfolk Southern Railroad in Georgia.
The pay was good…but there was a catch.
Black smoke from the train constantly flooded the crew cabins of the diesel trains he ran.

 He ended up dying of a rare head and neck cancer.

 A jury ruled all that exhaust caused it.


Anthony Nigro was also exposed to diesel exhaust every day he worked.

 It came from buses he maintained for 28 years at the New York City Transit Authority.

 A Workman’s Compensation judge ruled that exposure was a major cause of his lung cancer.

 It took his life mere months after his retirement. 

There was also a mechanic for the Illinois Central Railroad who died of throat cancer…

 A machinist who died of multiple myeloma…

 And a railroad trackman who lost his life to gastric cancer…


The Disastrous Consequences of Plastic Pollution

The Disastrous Consequences of Plastic Pollution – and How to Invest in Alternative Materials
Dear Fellow Fed Up Investor,
Quick quiz…
What’s the world’s biggest problem?
Climate change? Inflation?


Political unrest?

 Bad as they all are, my vote goes to pollution.

 It’s hard to fathom just how polluted the world is – especially the “Undeveloped” World.

 I saw this first-hand during my travels through Asia some years ago.