Back Again: Gold Mining Dream Team Reunites After Billion-Dollar Buyout

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Just over 5 years ago, in the late summer of 2016, a merger took place involving a C$1 billion acquisition of an Australia-focused gold miner by an Ontario-focused gold miner.

According to the purchaser, this single deal laid the groundwork that was “something we can build from.”

At that time, the combined company was said to be worth C$2.4 billion.

Today that combined company is the respectable mid-tier producer, Kirkland Lake Gold (NYSE:KL) (TSX:KL), and it’s worth more than C$13 billion.

But the REAL winners of that deal were those who got behind the other party in the merger…

… the ones who sold for ~C$1 billion.

That company was the Australian-focused Newmarket Gold, and its incredible team it was built upon.

You see, their investors witnessed the growth of a $10-million-dollar company into a billion-dollar-valuation… IN JUST OVER A YEAR.

In the gold mining sector, this is practically unheard of.

Shortly after their IPO, they very quickly got to work, snapping up an established Australian gold producer, and assembling a world class team of mining superstars on the Board, including entrepreneur Lukas Lundin, and seasoned executives Raymond Threlkeld (of Rainy River Resources Ltd., which was purchased by New Gold for $310M), Blayne Johnson and  Douglas Forster (of Terrane Metals, which was acquired by Thompson Creek for $750M), and Douglas Hurst (of International Royalty Corporation, which was acquired by Royal Gold for $700M).

Big names believed in this team, and it’s clear that this team has made people a LOT of money so far.

How much money?

People who invested from the beginning and held on, based on a 0.475 consolidation of Newmarket Gold’s shares today hold a value of ~C$23.60—or a return of 4,600% (or 46x) on their initial $0.50.

Now that same team behind Newmarket Gold is BACK… and rather than gunning for another buyout, this time they’re going to build out to their own mid-tier status..

NO consolidations necessary.

This time they’ve built themselves around another incredibly profitable gold operation that’s producing from ore delivery that resulted from solid regulatory legislation and have demonstrated the ability to permit efficiently and bring new ore sources online effectively.

Now they’re already generating EXCELLENT cashflow across their initial property through a genius strategy that’s low cost and extremely repeatable.

As well, they’ve reinvested that cashflow to advance, acquire and explore massive new assets to continue their successive run.

They’ve already grown the stock on their current venture to +C$1.20.

Are we about to witness another run towards a mining company worth BILLIONS? Because this team is absolutely built to win, with this growing portfolio of assets and the know-how to make them generate incredible amounts of cash.

Please sign up NOW before this opportunity slips from your mind. 

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