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Is Your Portfolio Ready For A 2000% Spike In Pandemic Cases?

The pandemic case count is ramping up in the U.S.

The markets are gearing up for a major spike.

Our analysis below shows how a 2000% spike in cases could be here in weeks.

And like it or not, a big part of the country could be enforcing mask mandates and lockdowns again soon.

But here’s the good news.

There’s a strong possibility — we’re thinking even probability — that there will be both a huge spike in cases and that life will continue on basically as normal while the U.S. economic engine chugs along.

Things could really go either way at this point.

That’s why we’re making this one simple move, which actually prepares us for either outcome — continued recovery or crushing lockdowns.

Here’s the setup.


Why India Will Have a Huge Impact on Gold Prices in 2021 and Beyond

I spent the entire year of 1993 backpacking through India.

Talk about culture shock – my senses were constantly under assault.

Beautiful women in vibrant saris…Pungent aromas of spice and incense…Bollywood music blaring from rooftops…

But what really stood out was the abject poverty.

For a week or so I stayed at a friend’s high-rise apartment in Bombay (which is now called Mumbai).

The morning after arriving, I awoke to discover that an encampment of about 50 families had sprouted up overnight across the street.

This, my host told me, happened all over the country every single day.

As you might imagine, I also encountered countless beggars during my time in India.

Of course, not everyone in India is poor.

In fact, the country now boasts 119 billionaires – that’s 110 more than there were in 2000.

And according to Oxfam, the country produces 70 new millionaires every day.

So it’s no surprise that the disparity between rich and poor in India is astounding (the top 10% of the country’s population accounts for 77% of its total wealth).


The Diary Newsletter Template July 26th

Welcome to The Diary, the newsletter for essential small-cap investing intelligence, presented twice a month by Dear Retail. We hope you enjoyed our last issue – if you missed it, you can find it here.


World’s Top Mining Investors Turn To Metal “Royalties” To Cash In On Next Gold Rush

World’s Top Mining Investors Turn To Metal “Royalties” To Cash In On Next Gold Rush The True Story Of How A Tiny Company’s Shares Soared110,000%By Leveraging Small Stakes In The World’s Largest Gold Mines Why Metal “Royalty” Agreements Are The Hottest And Most Lucrative Assets In Mining Today How Elemental Royalties (TSXV:ELE / US:ELMNF), A Ground-Floor Royalty Company, Took Advantage
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As China Stockpiles Copper Supplies – Who are America’s Copper Allies?

Copper is one of the most widely used industrial metals in the world because of its high ductility, malleability, thermal and electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.
And, if you’ve read The Diary before, you know we are very bullish on copper. Not only is it critical to the EV revolution, it’s also critical to other green energy infrastructure such as wind turbines and solar panels. Copper is also needed to build many of the infrastructure that is necessary to support a healthy economy, such as homes, power grids, plumbing systems, and broadband networks.
The reason we’re so bullish on copper is because, coupled with rising global demand, copper is in considerably short supply – especially in the wake of the pandemic, which saw many mining operations shut down and investment into new projects dry up.


A Guide to Buying Physical Gold and Silver

Back in 2011, I was convinced that gold was headed to $5,000 an ounce.
An easy $100.
So I bought eight 1-ounce American Gold Eagle coins and 160 American Silver Eagle coins.
All told I spent close to $20,000.
I was working in marketing for legendary contrarian investor Doug Casey at the time.
The guy was (and still is) a huge advocate of storing much of your wealth in physical gold and silver.


How to Profit on Tattoo Regret

As I watched the face-tattooed young man work behind the counter of my local coffee shop, he thanked the woman in front of me for her order.
That’s when I realized, I recognized his voice.
He was Josh, the son of a good friend.
I hadn’t seen Josh in nearly 10 years, when he was just a shy teenager.
Now here he was, a late-20s something working as a barista.
“Hello, Josh,” I said. “It’s been a long time – how are you?”
“Mr. Fogel?” he said, almost sheepishly. “I’m good, I guess… yeah, it’s been awhile.”
Business was slow that morning, so we chatted a couple of minutes as he made my double cappuccino.
I couldn’t help but ask about his tattoo.
“I had it done in college,” he said. “I thought it was pretty cool back then.”
But now, he said, it was a major hindrance in his quest for a professional job.
“I’ve been on a bunch of interviews, but they never call me back,” he said, sounding flustered. “I’m sure it’s the tattoo… I wish I had the money to get rid of it.”


The Diary Newsletter July 11

Welcome to The Diary, the newsletter for essential small-cap investing intelligence, presented twice a month by Dear Retail. We hope you enjoyed our last issue – if you missed it, you can find it here.


Mining Investing Infographic Part 5

One of the best ways you can avoid mistakes with mining stocks is by taking a look at their history. How successful were their previous projects? How strong is their funding? These two pieces of information can provide you with valuable information for your decision-making process.


Mining Investing Infographic Part 4

Mining is much more than simply extracting ore and minerals. There are a lot of technical factors involved.

From deciphering the characteristics of an orebody to the extraction process, every detail matters to the success of the operation.